Why I love Percolators when Camping

There are a few things that are inherently my own when I camp with my family.  backing in the trailer, unhitching the camper from the truck, and hooking up the water to prepare our family for our ultimate glamping experience.  Before we are judged to harshly, it is two adults, two small kids, and one rotational dog, in a 18 foot Camper. My wife and I share many of the camping chores and seem to be pretty fair. 

We love to hike and get out there in the woods. Guiding our the kids to understand the outdoors and to respect the earth.  I would like to take them out for some primitive camping  of course that will be later,  when the need for so many snacks and character based band-aids are not so crucial to their tiny survival.

One of the fun things we do is have them set aside wood throughout the days adventures for their morning breakfast. It gives them a way to work and feel like they have truly contributed to the camping success.  The dry kindling and smaller pile is about perfect for brewing our morning coffee and toasting up some bread to go with their eggs.  

Now the best thing during camping, that is all my own, is making the Coffee.  Leading me to my love of percolators. So why do I love percolators?  As the sun is rising I find the percolating process transports me for a bit to earlier times.  I am able to sit and enjoy the peace of the morning wooded area as I set up the fire. 

A percolator besides being romantic, at least in my brain, is also crucial to a successful coffee experience.   Even though I do plenty of checks of our equipment. I love that it is not dependent on anything but fire in good weather.  It is also easily adjusted to propane only if it is raining and electricity was not an option.  It gives me a redundant system to get that coffee into my system.  

Percolators get a terrible reputation as producing  bitter and strong brews, I have learned that is not the case if you take the time to watch the heat and the time.  I designed my coffee with tips on the bag for percolating, I course ground our flagship coffee so that the coffee is set and ready for the percolator.  It would do just as well with pour over and French Presses just warm up the water and go. 

For me the percolator gives me fun job in the morning, my time is my own to create a great cup of coffee and the woods seem to be my own.

About the Author:
Neil Goff is the founder of Sound Earth Co. Maker of Bold Bigfoot Camp Coffee.  He was raised in Missouri, where he enjoyed the trails and wooded areas as a boy growing up.  As a military officer and full time reservist, Neil enjoys any moments he can spend camping with his wife and family.  This magical place of family and outdoors is where our coffee was born. 

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