Percolator Brewing Instructions

If you are using regular ground coffee, you might need to buy filters that fit your basket. This tends to not only add a step for your packing list, it also just produces coffee that is not as rich. If you use coarse ground coffee, usually you do not need a filter. Test it at home for a fun weekend experiment and great coffee. 

I usually add 1 Tablespoon per 8 oz of water.   Some percolators do fine if you just fill the basket with grounds and  add water up to the fill line.  Next, put the basket lid on and place the whole tube and basket assembly into the pot.

3) Monitor the Percolator

Place the pot on a stove or on the grate over a fire and watch for it to begin to boil.  It is better to try to place the coffee on a cooler section of the fire, or to move it there once you see the coffee bubble into the top. 

4.) Brew Coffee

Once the coffee is sputtering or percolating every few seconds or so into the top, you let that go for 6 minutes.  if you cannot adjust the heat manually or by moving the percolator, then simply brew the coffee for 4 minutes.   

5) Pour and enjoy

Finally, take the coffee basket out and let the pot rest for a few minutes. Pour yourself a cup, sip and enjoy.


About the Author:
Neil Goff is the founder of Sound Earth Co. Maker of Bold Bigfoot Camp Coffee.  He was raised in Missouri, where he enjoyed the trails and wooded areas as a boy growing up.  As a military officer and full time reservist, Neil enjoys any moments he can spend camping with his wife and family.  This magical place of family and outdoors is where our coffee was born. 

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