Other Uses For Your Tin Coffee Bag

Our Family loves to camp, we also like to teach our kids about compasses and tips for woods.  If you ever get to far down the trail searching for the Squatch just make sure you have a bag of our coffee with you and use the tips below.

I found this article by Tom Brown Jr. on the BackPacker website.  He has useful information and many of the tips below would work with a tin coffee pouch.  If you would like to check out his article for aluminum foil go to the site at the following: https://www.backpacker.com/survival/survive-with-aluminum-foil

Splint a joint

Wrap a broken finger in cloth, then fold several layers of foil into a bar twice the length of your finger. Fold it in half longways over your finger to create a two-sided splint. (It’s stronger than it looks.) Bend the splint to hold the finger at the most comfortable angle.

Signal for help

Wrap foil around a plate or a square frame made of twigs and reflect sunlight to signal that airplane.  You can also  make sure your signal is always on by tying ribbons of foil to trees or bushes in open areas.

Leave a trail

Lost at night? As you hike, wrap foil around trailside vegetation to catch your headlamp beam, so you can retrace your steps.

Purify water

Fashion a cup to hold water for boiling. Suspend it over coals (foil will melt in a direct flame).

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