How to Make Cowboy Coffee (Camping Coffee)


So you and the family are out and about doing the primitive camping, or maybe the glamping thing, I love my travel trailer.  I dream of the roomy fifth wheel RV, however, my kids are excited to enjoy nature in a small travel trailer. What I can’t do without is great coffee.  I am biased here, as I designed my Bold Bigfoot coffee to be the best camping coffee for percolators, French Presses, or pour overs. I have taken the fuss out of the grind and worked with a coffee bean that if cooked correctly takes out the bitterness. So I figured it might be good to have a quick description of how to make camp coffee.


In the end percolators are great way to get the Cowboy Coffee feel without all the grounds. It really is very similar.  I have a blog titled “Percolator Brewing Instructions”  that covers percolators.  However, if you want to feel like a cowboy then you can use our Bold Bigfoot Camp Coffee to great effect this way as well.  


What you need:  ground coffee, water, a tin pot or kettle

**For the purpose of this blog we will discuss the non-percolator tin pot or a kettle.  


  1. Measure the amount of water for the pot. Remember that 1 Table spoon is used for 8 oz of coffee. For a bolder taste utilize 2 TBSP of coffee.  The finer the grind the stronger the flavor.                                                                                                                                                                                      I personally keep my coffee scoops at the 1 TBSP ratio (I am not to picky and eye ball it)   I also do not do the fine ground coffee, because I like to have options of how I brew that delicious cup of java in the morning. Our camping coffee works for a lot of camping styles plus the flavor profile is not so strong as to not have some nuance to it. Something, at least for me I do not find when I use fine grind.
  1. Get your heat source ready and heat the water, I like propane as it is simple, but I have also really enjoyed the true cowboy feel of the fire pit and open flame.
  2. Bring the water to a rolling boil.
  1. Remove the pot from the heat, and allow it to sit
  1. Add one or two tablespoons of ground coffee to the pot per 8 Ounces.
  1. Stir the grounds in the pot.
  1. Keep the pot off the fire for two minutes.
  1. Stir the coffee in the pot again and let it sit for another two minutes.
  1. After the four minutes of brewing you are almost ready to taste your cowboy coffee. The last step is to let science work for you and splash approximately half a cup of cold water on the top of the pot.  This will cause the grounds to sink because they become the colder element of this perfect brew.
  1. Tip the pot in such a way as to carefully pour out the coffee trying to keep the grounds near the bottom of the pot.

That’s it, sip and enjoy, put on your cowboy hat and use any cowboy phrase you can think of pardner.


About the Author:
Neil Goff is the founder of Sound Earth Co. Maker of Bold Bigfoot Camp Coffee.  He was raised in Missouri, where he enjoyed the trails and wooded areas as a boy growing up.  As a military officer and full time reservist, Neil enjoys any moments he can spend camping with his wife and family.  This magical place of family and outdoors is where our coffee was born. 

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