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  • How to Make Cowboy Coffee (Camping Coffee)

    In the end percolators are great way to get the Cowboy Coffee feel without all the grounds. It really is very similar.  I have a blog titled “Percolator Brewing Instructions”  that covers percolators.  However, if you want to feel like a cowboy then you can use our Bold Bigfoot Camp Coffee to great effect this way as well.  
  • Percolator Brewing Instructions

    Place the pot on a stove or on the grate over a fire and watch for it to begin to boil.  It is better to try to place the coffee on a cooler section of the fire, or to move it there once you see the coffee bubble into the top. 
  • Why I love Percolators when Camping

    A percolator besides being romantic, at least in my brain, is also crucial to a successful coffee experience.  I love that it is not dependent on anything but fire in good weather.  It is also easily adjusted to propane only if it is raining and electricity was not an option.  It gives me a redundant system to get that coffee into my system.
  • Other Uses For Your Tin Coffee Bag

    Our Family loves to camp, we also like to teach our kids about compasses and tips for woods.  If you ever get to far down the trail searching for t...